[Ingredients] For four servings

18 oz (500g) thin slices of Joshu Wagyu short loin

1 block of broiled tofu

4 shiitake mushrooms

1 pack of shirataki

1 onion

1 stick of burdock

1 bunch of green leek

Warishita (sukiyaki soup)

4/5 cup (200cc) sake

2/5 cup (100cc) soy sauce

1 3/4 oz (50g) sugar

4 eggs


1.   Prepare warishita by mixing sake, soy sauce and sugar.

2.   Whittle burdock (see “Yanagawa-nabe”) . Cut onion horizontally in approximately 1/3 in. (7mm) thick slices. Cut leek into segments approximately 2 in. (5cm) in length. Cut off the lower stem of the shiitake mushrooms and slice them diagonally.

3.   Cut broiled tofu in bite-size. Coarsely cut and blanche shirataki.

4.   Place beef and other ingredients in a sukiyaki pan and add the warishita to simmer. Dip the cooked ingredients in beaten egg before eating.

Recommended cuts: Sirloin, Ribloin, Chuck roll, Shoulder clod, Rib short rib, short plate, gooseneck round, knuckle.